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  • proper n. A tonal Tibeto-Burman language spoken in Yunnan (southwestern China), northern Burma, Thailand, and a small part of India.


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  • Many are ethnic minorities such as Lisu, Shan and Akha; some wear traditional dress, including a few Akha women with striking head coverings dripping silver ornaments.

    A Moveable Feast

  • She'd lived up there for almost five years, mastered the language, then wrote a splendid academic book about the Lisu; since then, she had lived in Chiang Mai, but really still continuing her fieldwork.

    An Interview with Mischa Berlinski

  • She had been a reasonably successful sociologist in her earlier life with a stable academic career, when in her early fifties she had shucked it all to move to the Lisu village of Doi Lan.

    An Interview with Mischa Berlinski

  • I think she felt that the Lisu collectively were in possession of a great secret that she wished to know.

    An Interview with Mischa Berlinski

  • She was passionately curious about the Lisu, but she confessed that even after all these years it sometimes bothered her, her inability to see the world through Lisu eyes.

    An Interview with Mischa Berlinski

  • So I spent almost a year talking with almost every missionary alive who has ever worked with the Lisu; I did archival research at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London; and I read lots of biographies and autobiographies of missionaries.

    An Interview with Mischa Berlinski

  • They're a cross between the Lisu, the Hmong, and the Lahu, with a touch of Akha added in.

    An Interview with Mischa Berlinski

  • I wanted to write a book telling the story of the conversion of the Lisu people, one of the tribal peoples of southeast Asia, to Christianity.

    An Interview with Mischa Berlinski

  • I originally intended to use the Lisu as the tribal people of the novel, but the ethnographic literature on the Lisu was too thin to answer every question I had about how the Lisu lived and how they would respond to the various events of the novel, so I invented a new people.

    An Interview with Mischa Berlinski

  • The Law Waw people know this species as myuk na tok te and the Lisu people know it as mey nwoah.

    New to Nature No 61: Rhinopithecus strykeri


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