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  • Located in the eastern part is a passive water treatment system and the so-called Litmus Garden.

    Archive 2008-02-01

  • So I am just starting 2.5 at this point, and therefore am not equipped to comment on (or even fully read the comments on) this post, but this is interesting, because one of the things that I love so far about BSG (I tend to blot out of my memory the preachy episodes like "Litmus" as the missteps) is that, though it is essentially a political drama, it continually confounds my expectations of what a politically motivated show would do -- in a way that the West Wing, though I loved it, never did.

    That's What You Get Folks, For Makin' Allegory

  • In many circles, it will be controversial since this plan is not written to meet any Litmus Test except what was promised the voters by Mr. McDonnell in the campaign: thus, it is a revenue neutral approach to ABC privatization, rejecting the deficit approach which my friends Doug and George have apparently convinced the Governor to adopt.

    Trumping McDonnell: ABC plan raising $2B for transportation, NO TAX INCREASE

  • Now, tonight I see that Poppy (docbrite) has come across this Mary Sue Litmus Test thingy and applied it to two of her characters.

    "No summer for you, young lady!"

  • The author of the Mary Sue Litmus Test writes, 11-20 points: The Non-Sue.

    "No summer for you, young lady!"

  • Litmus test: would Richard Posner be confirmed with 2/3?

    Matthew Yglesias » For Judicial Term Limits

  • Mind you people this is not about Bill Clinton who sait Bill is the Litmus test for these prostitutes.

    Sanford should stay, two top South Carolina papers say

  • In the fall, the Litmus Garden trees will turn deep red around Pond 1 and grade through orange and yellow to blue-green at the end of the treatment system in Pond 6, creating a visual reflection of enhanced water quality — and a great reason for a Vintondale community fall celebration.

    Treating Acid Mine Drainage in Vintondale

  • Like the Mary Sue Litmus test, you have to realize that these are hints of possibility that the novel is poorly-written, nothing in the test indicates the traits are 100% proof that the novel will be terrible.

    Superhero Nation: how to write superhero novels and comic books » Quiz: Is Your Manuscript Dead on Arrival?

  • If your "Litmus Test" for a cadidate is CHEAP Patriotisim like Lapel Flag pins then I am GLAD you did NOT vote for Obama, I'm sure you voted for the Ignorant Palin Rube ...

    President Obama


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