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  • Ideally then, those who are incapable of comprehending logic will simply never acquire a degree since they will fail their required Logic courses, making the university degree much more meaningful than it is now.

    Phi Beta Kappa + masters degree = instant Etruscanist

  • Thus, with regards to the issue at hand, neither logic nor Logic requires us to reevaluate Minoan transcription which is of course provisional anyway.

    A new value for Minoan 'd'

  • Skolem: The papers in logic are found in Selected Works in Logic, ed. Fenstad 1970.


  • His part on logic reproduces Blemmydes™ Epitome logica with some additions; his part on natural philosophy combines works by Blemmydes with works by Pachymeres and Michael of Ephesus; his part on the quadrivial disciplines is identical with the Logic and Quadrivium by the anonymous of 1007.

    Byzantine Philosophy

  • “The logic of Curry and Church,” in Handbook of the History of Logic, (D. Gabbay and J. Woods, eds.), vol. 5, Elsevier, Amsterdam.

    Combinatory Logic

  • “History of lambda-calculus and combinatory logic,” in Logic from Russell to Church (D.M. Gabbay and J. Woods, eds.), Handbook of the History of Logic, vol. 5,

    Combinatory Logic

  • It appears to be limited to a pedagogical aspect: Jevons 'writings on logic, such as his Elementary Lessons in Logic, were widely used as textbooks and saw numerous reprints, up to decades after his death.

    William Stanley Jevons

  • Aesthetic and Logic and conceived Aesthetic as a _Logic of sensible knowledge_, were strangely addicted to applying logical categories to the new knowledge, talking of _aesthetic concepts, aesthetic judgments, aesthetic syllogisms_, and so on.

    Aesthetic as Science of Expression and General Linguistic

  • Symbols are often used in Logic instead of concrete terms, not only in Symbolic Logic where the science is treated algebraically (as by Dr. Venn in his _Symbolic Logic_), but in ordinary manuals; so that it may be well to explain the use of them before going further.

    Logic Deductive and Inductive

  • Some of these ends are often gained in spite of faulty syntax or faulty logic; but since the few whom bad grammar saddens or incoherent arguments divert are not carried away, as they else might be, by an unsophisticated orator, Grammar and Logic are necessary to the perfection of Rhetoric.

    Logic Deductive and Inductive


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