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  • proper n. An extinct Algonquian language.


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  • I don't know if I can get chicken livers here in Loup City or not.

    Feeling Posh while Impoverished

  • This sounds very good but I don't know if I can get good tofu around here in Loup City can I?

    Summer Salad for the Grill Weary

  • He won fame in five campaigns against the corsairs of Morocco, fighting with such ferocity that he was called the Loup de Mer, the seawolf of France.

    Champlain's Dream

  • "Over there, " Sharpe said, and he plucked the helmet off the cart's shaft, 'there's a man called Loup, a Frenchman, and he leads a regiment of dragoons called the wolf pack, and they wear these helmets and they leave that mark on the men they kill.

    Sharpe's Battle

  • We reached on the following day a wide shallow stream called the Loup Fork, which rises near the Black hills, and flows eastward about five hundred miles, parallel with the Platte, into which it empties forty or fifty miles above the

    Life in the Rocky Mountains

  • A Loup is a rat, a Sioux a heavy buffaloe; let the buffaloes tread upon the rats and make room for themselves.

    The Prairie

  • The zombie mastermind is the nefarious Dr. Leroux, originally of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, aka Loup-garou (or human hyena).

    Publishers Weekly - Children's Books News

  • The frame on the right illustrates one of them: that it commemorates a Scottish nobleman of the era of Julius Caesar, himself named "Loup", who founded a settlement called "Lupolin" on the site of the future university city.

    Linkspam for 12-6-2009

  • Jack Loup, who leads the Coalition for Louisiana Public Education and opposes the state's education reforms, criticizes his youth, Northeast roots and the lack of a Ph.D. in education.

    The Big Easy's School Revolution

  • Anouf gets mad at the audiences when she's cut off; a hula hooping guy named Jean Loup gets 10 seconds through "Think" before being stopped; Maya, 58, might not even speak English fluently, and fortunately, there's only a few seconds of her "We Are the Champions" to suffer through.

    The X Factor Episode: "Auditions No. 4"


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