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  • proper n. A group of related dialects of Low German, spoken in northern Germany and parts of the Netherlands, formerly also in Denmark.


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  • The view that Low Saxon and German are inseparable is based on the old Germanization doctrine that until recently denied Low Saxon separate status despite its origin in Old Saxon, and many people are not yet ready to think outside that box. LOWLANDS LANGUAGES.

  • And I couldn't make sense of the reason for banishing German and any German dialects but Low Saxon, and at the same time including English as a topic. LOWLANDS LANGUAGES.

  • Low Saxon, The chief rivers are the Weser and the Hunte.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 11: New Mexico-Philip

  • Low German went through a similar development, starting with Old Saxon and similar languages, through Middle Low German into the modern Low German, which is in linguistics often referred to a Low Saxon.

    Conservapedia - Recent changes [en]

  • The Low Saxon dialects spoken in the east of the Netherlands are often included as East Dutch Low Saxon.

    Conservapedia - Recent changes [en]

  • These are primarily Dutch, Zeelandic (Zeeuws, West Flemish), Frisian, Limburgish and Low Saxon (Low German). LOWLANDS LANGUAGES.

  • If so, we must content ourselves with the reflection that while the English language is historically most closely affiliated with Frisian, in second degree with the other West Germanic dialects (Low Saxon or “Plattdeutsch, ” Dutch, High German), only in third degree with Scandinavian, the specific “Saxon” racial type that overran England in the fifth and sixth centuries was largely the same as that now represented by the Danes, who speak a Scandinavian language, while the High German-speaking population of central and southern Germany4 is markedly distinct.

    Chapter 10. Language, Race and Culture

  • Place #5: Northern Germany Lower Saxony or Saxony-Anhalt) because of a) the Low Saxon language: "En Vörbild is för uns dat Swien: Dat wiest uns, as wie nich schöllt sien!"

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  • For instance the Netherlands has to protect West Frisian, Limburgish, Low Saxon, Romani and Yiddish.


  • Low Saxon (Eastern Friesland) Goden Dag Low Saxon [Northern] (Germany) Goden Dag Low Saxon

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