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  • Lucan Originally Marcus Annaeus Lucanus. A.D. 39-65. Roman poet who wrote the Pharsalia, an epic account of the civil war between Caesar and Pompey.

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  • proper n. The Roman poet Marcus Annaeus Lucanus.
  • proper n. A town near Dublin, Ireland.

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  • Of or pertaining to Luke the Evangelist.


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From Latin Lucanus.

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From Irish Leamhcán.


  • Even where he seems to be borrowing, on rare occasions, from the commonplaces of Roman poetry, it is rather with the interest of the naturalist than of the rhetorician, as when he speaks in all seriousness of ` Marsian enchantments and hissing vipers lulled to sleep [17], 'or recalls Lucan's asps and basilisks of the

    NPNF2-09. Hilary of Poitiers, John of Damascus

  • I tell ye, Flash. that ould ninny Raglan will hinder the cavalry at all costs - an 'Lucan's not a whit better.

    The Sky Writer

  • "Lucan," says Fregoni, "described how winemakers in the region of Falernum, produced a sweet, sparkling wine by adding must pressed from withered Ethiopian grapes."

    Domain Dispute

  • So, it can be urged, the "Lucan" characteristics in the "we sections" are due not to the author, but to an expert editor of a later time.

    The Books of the New Testament

  • It is true that the sections taken from Mark show numerous "Lucan" characteristics as they appear in our third Gospel, but these characteristics are due to the third evangelist, and not to St. Mark.

    The Books of the New Testament

  • "Lucan," saith King Arthur, "So thought I ever again to have affiance in him, I would make him be set forth of my prison, for well I know that I have wrought discourteously toward him; and Lancelot is of a great heart, wherefore would he not slacken of his despite for that which hath been done unto him until such time as he should be avenged thereof, for no king is there in the world, how puissant soever he be, against whom he durst not well maintain his right."

    The High History of the Holy Graal

  • Later Latin authors, such as Lucan (_Phar. _ p. 447), Festus (_De Verb.

    Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 3, Part 1, Slice 3 "Banks" to "Bassoon"

  • "Lucan," said the King, "Joy hath been somewhat far from me sithence that the Queen hath been dead, and Gawain and the other knights have held aloof from my court so that they deign come hither no longer.

    The High History of the Holy Graal

  • Previous novels in this series have dealt with the Order, a renegade group of vampires banded together under Gen One Lucan Thorne to stop Rogues, vampires who have gone feral and succumbed to bloodlust.

    REVIEW: Ashes of Midnight by Lara Adrian

  • "Their outstanding music placed them in an unprecedented position of authority," writes professor Henry W. Sullivan in The Beatles with Lucan 1995.

    John W. Whitehead: Rain: The Beatles Forever


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