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  • abbreviation Mountain Daylight Time

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  • initialism Initialism of Mountain Daylight (savings) Time.
  • initialism healthcare Initialism of multidrug therapy.
  • initialism software Initialism of Model-Driven Testing.


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  • But while MDT is helping Eddie achieve the kind of success he's only dreamed about, it's also chipping away at his sanity-splitting headaches, spontaneous blackouts, violent outbursts.

    Shia LaBeouf Cast in Alan Glynn's The Dark Fields «

  • … "MDT is an exercise in extending the intelligent Design conjecture."

    Critique of MDT

  • MDT is thus still in a process-of-formation, that is, it is still evolving, not yet having arrived at its destiny as a credible theory, rather than a parody.

    Critique of MDT

  • RBH's MDT is not shy and is unashamed in trying to fill this gap in ID.

    Critique of MDT

  • The primary premise of MDT is that multiple designers make more sense than a single designer.

    Critique of MDT

  • RBH's MDT is also concerned with ˜interventions 'and how to measure them; this may be news to those anti-IDists who don't often consider philosophy of history with a systematic approach.

    Critique of MDT

  • If, as it appears, MDT is only based on a critique of an ID stemming from classic theism, that critique may have merit but such a narrow focus renders it impotent against other prominent ontologies, in particular forms of panentheism.

    Critique of MDT

  • Only in doing so, he also implies that MDT is nearly as universalistic, or perhaps even more universally applicable (read: accurate) than ID theories.

    Critique of MDT

  • "[T] o be blunt, I am not interested in the theological implications of MDT nor in solving" ˜theological difficulties. '"¦ polytheistic traditions that pre-date monotheism" ¦ MDT is an attempt to find some empirical scientific content in the ID conjecture.

    Critique of MDT

  • Why the IDM doesn't wish to solve some of its current theoretical/political quagmire by involving the social sciences and humanities, as RBH at least tries to do with MDT, is somewhat strange to this author.

    Critique of MDT


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