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  • abbr. medium frequency

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  • n. The ISO 3166-1 two-letter (alpha-2) code for Collectivity of Saint Martin
  • n. Symbol for the megafarad, an SI unit of electrical capacitance equal to 106 farads.
  • motherfucker
  • Medium Frequency (Radio)
  • Massey Ferguson


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  • If the name MF Global sounds familiar, it's because that's the firm later taken over by former

    NYDN Rss

  • PS - Discussing MF is never a bad thing KG - really.

    Talk amongst yourselves

  • Normally, when I get out of the shower, MF is lotioned or sunscreened, depending on the weather, right after I get lotioned.

    My Son Thinks He's a Shoe

  • My mom and her brother, on the other hand, have long been convinced that MF is the spitting image of their youngest brother (who is no longer with us), right down to his blond hair.

    Double Trouble

  • Because MF is also a climber, an explorer, and has had more than his share of tumbles, bumps and thumps.

    Heart, Dropped. | Her Bad Mother

  • And having direct access to MF is a dream, I think I will have a hard time dealing with it if we ever have to leave Paris!

    Not this again..

  • I should also probably point out that MF is a lover of trees, so much so that he generously offered to take on a third job at our shoots, that of Christmas Tree Fertilizer.

    Our Little Snowman

  • MF is the light of my life, (even though I want to throttle him sometimes).

    What The Heart Doesn’t Know | Her Bad Mother

  • I will have to remember this for next year (as MF is only 19 months old and was completely oblivious to the whole Santa things this year).

    Many Impossible Things | Her Bad Mother

  • And I thank god that baby car seats were invented; we always check ours so carefully and make sure MF is strapped in tight.

    Of Platitudes and Percocet and, um, Love | Her Bad Mother


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