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  • methyl vinyl ketonel


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  • MVK will further react to give methyl glyoxal, which is also a product of the photooxidation of alkylated benzenes like toluene and xylene.


  • Both MVK and methacrolein have interesting further reaction sequences.


  • AVI, VOB, and MVK for the video; and MP3, AAC, and FLAC for audio.

  • Fico's SMER won 28. 0-29.7 percent of the vote and remains the biggest party, ahead of the largest opposition group, the Christian Democrat SDKU, with 15. 8-18.1 percent, according to the MVK and Focus surveys. Top Stories

  • MVK for Markiza television showed similar results. --

  • (Angus Reid Global Monitor) - Direction-Social Democracy (Smer) remains the main player in Slovakian politics, according to a poll by MVK. 42 per cent of respondents would vote for Smer in this year's legislative election, up 2.7 points since September.

    ::.Angus Reid Global Monitor - Polls.::

  • I have the CCCP downloaded and I haven't had any troubles with other shows in MVK that I've seen. Forum

  • "It has not been better or worse than campaigns during previous elections," Pavel Haulík of the private MVK polling agency told The Slovak Spectator.

    Slovak Spectator

  • "The supporters of Gašparovič will lead a very tough campaign to gain the undecided voters," Pavel Haulík of the MVK polling agency told The Slovak Spectator.

    Slovak Spectator

  • I have also talked on the phone twice to girlLi when she was coming to pick me up for MVK.

    Journey to the Darkside


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