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  • abbr. motocross

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

  • n. The ISO 3166-1 two-letter (alpha-2) code for Mexico.
  • n. A Roman numeral representing the number one thousand and ten (1010).
  • abbr. on early British stamps, Maltese Cross cancellation mark.
  • abbr. mail exchanger


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  • The professional care I have rec'd in MX is outstanding.

    San Pablo Centro Oftalmologico, Zapopan

  • If you think managing a long distance property in MX is difficult, just conceive of the rituals involved in "closing up the cottage" each Thanksgiving and winterizing it, and then "opening up the cottage" and cleaning it, repairing it etc etc each 24th of May.

    Living in two places - dialogue wanted

  • I've always thought the way cell phones are billed in MX is stupid and makes them a much less attractive alternative to a land line - which may be the point.

    Verizon Cell Phone Problems?

  • If you think about it, living in MX is an "alternative" to the main stream thinking back home and we all accept it and appreciate it!

    Living in Mexico is cheap, but dying isn't. Some Questions.

  • I've made posts to the contrary here before, but I was wrong ... the product line they make available to you here in MX is as near as I can tell identical to what they offer you NOB (one exception: NOB they let you reuse your existing monitor, SOB they make you buy a new one.)

    Dell computer

  • Regarding the B of A discussion - while we all accept that all rules/laws are not equally interpreted or dispensed in MX, the same could be said for the U.S.

    When to visit San Miguel in Jan or Feb?

  • When I read the subject of this post, before looking at the post itself, "Market Prices in MX," I figured it was going to be a discussion about prices in the Mexican mercados, tianguis, grocery stores, etc.

    Market Prices in MX

  • He thought I could "nationalize" it since it was over 10 years in MX (turns out to be a gringo myth), but it cannot be nationalized (VIN # doesn't fall into the correct category).

    Can I drive this car legally in Mexico?

  • Had I remained in MX, I bet my Dr there would have suspected to test for it earlier.

    Check for parasites

  • After spending 16 days in MX, on our way out we stopped at the same building and went inside to cancel the FMT's and they tried to tell us that they were good for 180 days and why did we want to turn them in?

    Overstayed my FMT what to do now?


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