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  • noun A person who follows the principles laid down by Niccolò Machiavelli.
  • noun A schemer or intriguer.


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An Anglicisation of the Italian surname Machiavelli, as borne by Niccolò Machiavelli.


  • I doubt that he will be a Machiavel, which is good for his country, his party and his opponents.


  • A people, says Machiavel, that is corrupt, is not capable of a commonwealth.

    The Commonwealth of Oceana

  • His deception, his hypocrisy, and his masterpieces of statecraft, are said to have been such "as Borgia would have envied, and such as Machiavel would have extolled to the skies."

    Country life in Georgia in the days of my youth,

  • 'Machiavel's History of Florence, to be translated.

    Life Of Johnson

  • "Machiavel"), and began an energetic warfare on the monopolies secured by certain favored printers.

    Shakespearean Playhouses A History of English Theatres from the Beginnings to the Restoration

  • His thoughtful book is a defence of a thinker who has been demonised ever since Shakespeare had the future Richard III vow to "set the murderous Machiavel to school".

    What would Machiavelli think of David Cameron?

  • Machiavel, had the confidence to put in writing, almost in plain terms, That the Christian faith, had given up good men, in prey to those that are tyrannical and unjust.

    The Essays

  • But Machiavel knew not of a Friar Clement, nor a Ravillac, nor a Jaureguy, nor a

    The Essays

  • Also, as Machiavel noteth well, when princes, that ought to be common parents, make themselves as a party, and lean to a side, it is as a boat, that is overthrown by uneven weight on the one side; as was well seen, in the time of Henry the Third of France; for first, himself entered league for the extirpation of the

    The Essays

  • I confess every country hath its Machiavel, every age its Lucian, whereof common heads must not hear, nor more advanced judgments too rashly venture on.

    Religio Medici


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