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  • adj. Of, or from Madeira.
  • n. Someone from Madeira.


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  • In July he declared that Moody's inspectors were banned from the island after the agency downgraded Madeiran debt.

    Portugal's Unrepentant Debtor

  • To his detractors, Mr. Jardim is a populist despot whose contempt for democratic niceties is only exceeded by his regard for his own majesty as eternal leader of the Madeiran people.

    Portugal's Unrepentant Debtor

  • I had been quite unwell the preceding summer and autumn and was awaiting an operation; I got tired very easily, slept to all hours and did very little except stroll through the beautiful streets of Funchal, sit in the sun, and eat too much Madeiran cooking was uniformly superb, even in quite touristy places.

    Archive 2009-06-01

  • The Madeiran laurisilva is the most extensive and well-preserved stand, spreading over 14,953 hectares (ha).

    Madeira evergreen forests

  • The flora and fauna of this relict forest is quite unique; it has many endemic species including the Madeiran long-toed wood pigeon (Columba trocaz) and Zino's petrel (Pterodroma madeira).

    Madeira evergreen forests

  • In addition to supporting Columba trocaz, several forest areas are also very important for a number of Madeiran subspecies, notably the birds of prey and passerines living within the forest canopy such Madeira chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs maderensis) and Madeira firecrest (Regulus ignicapillus maderensis).

    Madeira evergreen forests

  • Introduced herbivores (goats, sheep and rabbits) constitute a major threat to the Madeira natural vegetation while cats and rats present a major threat to the Madeiran avifauna.

    Madeira evergreen forests

  • Ethnic groups: Jersey 51.1%, Britons 34.8%, Irish, French, and other white 6.6%, Portuguese/Madeiran 6.4%, other 1.1% (2001 census)


  • How many turned up on one of the two Madeiran islands but not on the other, just twenty-five miles away?

    The Song of The Dodo

  • Did the larger Madeiran island support more endemic species than the smaller island?

    The Song of The Dodo


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