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  • proper n. A taxonomic genus within the family Hadrosauridae — large duck-billed dinosaurs of North America that lived in the Campanian period.


Ancient Greek μαία (maia, "caring mother") + σαύρα (saura, "lizard"); there is evidence that they nurtured their young in the nest. (Wiktionary)


  • The subject dinosaurs tentatively identified as members of Maiasaura certainly had a peculiar diet: their coprolites were composed mostly of "fragmented conifer wood".

    Did ancient snails dig dino dung?

  • There are fossilized eggs and embryos of Maiasaura peeblesorum.

    The Song of The Dodo

  • For an instructive comparison, think of the hadrosaurian dinosaur Maiasaura peeblesorum, which died out about seventy million years ago.

    The Song of The Dodo

  • Take a journey to reunite Maia the Maiasaura (a cute dinosaur) with her family.

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  • Episodes include Don t Mess With Maiasaura, A Gameshow



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