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  • n. A type of articulated locomotive, in which there are two powered trucks, with the rear truck being rigidly attached to the main body and boiler of the locomotive, while the front powered truck is attached to the rear by a hinge, so that it may swing from side to side, and with the front end of the boiler resting upon a sliding bearing on the swinging front truck.
  • proper n. Often the malicious party in examples of threat scenarios (synonym: Mallory). See Alice and Bob.


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Cryptographic scenarios use archetypal characters with standard names chosen to remember their role: Mallet was derived from "malicious" and "man-in-the-middle attack", as well as a mallet.


  • Last Chance to Eat: The Fate of Taste in a Fast Food World (2004) by Gina Mallet is an incredibly snarky British depiction of how good old fashioned British food used to be (even during the war!) and how all modern food is terrible and is only getting worse.

    Book Review: "Last Chance to Eat"

  • For the publication of the work in its present form, however, Mr. Robert Mallet is responsible.

    A Book Which Is Entitled "The War in America"

  • [680] 'Mallet's works are such as a writer, bustling in the world, shewing himself in publick, and emerging occasionally from time to time into notice, might keep alive by his personal influence; but which, conveying little information and giving no great pleasure, must soon give way, as the succession of things produces new topicks of conversation and other modes of amusement.'

    Life Of Johnson

  • In the Scandinavian Edda, between whose wild fables and those of the sacred books of the Parsees there has been a resemblance traced by accomplished antiquaries such as Mallet, the tradition of the deluge takes a singularly monstrous form.

    The Testimony of the Rocks or, Geology in Its Bearings on the Two Theologies, Natural and Revealed

  • [Footnote 1: 'Mallet's Dramas had their day, a short day, and are forgotten.'

    Life Of Johnson

  • 'Mallet's Northern Antiquities,') and whose poetry, of all their writings, was the most dissimilar; as will instantly appear to all who compare Taliessin, and the other Welsh bards, with the Scandinavian Edda of Saemond.

    Reminiscences of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and Robert Southey

  • Chatterton, with characteristic promptitude, instantly publishes, not imitations, but a succession of genuine translations from the Saxon and Welsh, with precisely the same language and imagery, though the Saxon and Welsh were derived from different origins, the Teutonic and Celtic; (which bishop Percy has most satisfactorily shown in his able and elaborate preface to 'Mallet's

    Reminiscences of Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Robert Southey

  • After beating France in the Six Nations, Mallet must also be pretty bitter at not being offered a contract extension beyond this World Cup.

    Rugby World Cup 2011: Wales coach Shaun Edwards's tactical analysis

  • Haskins Retail Centre, Shepton Mallet, October 6-8The first of two extremely interesting West Country festivals.

    The essential guide to UK video game festivals

  • Chris Low of ESPN is predicting that Mallet will leave Ark for the NFL.

    Any S.E.C. folks here ?


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