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  • A former state of eastern Asia in Manchuria and eastern Nei Monggol (Inner Mongolia). It was established as a puppet state (1932) after the Japanese invaded Manchuria in 1931 and was returned to Chinese sovereignty in 1945.

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  • proper n. A Japanese-controlled puppet state in Manchuria that lasted from 1932 to 1945.


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  • Japan also organized its new puppet state in Manchuria, which was dubbed Manchukuo, with the deposed Chinese emperor Pu Yi as its figurehead.

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  • When the Soviet forces "liberated" Manchukuo from the Japanese in 1945, Stalin extended his persecution of Buddhism there as well.

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  • Putting them together with the province of Jehol, overrun the following year, they created a new country they called Manchukuo, naming Pu-yi, the last emperor of the Ch’ing dynasty, now in his late twenties, as regent.

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  • Japanese coal, mined in “so-called Manchukuo,” was cheaper than Chinese coal.

    The Last Empress

  • Take a look at the dusty pages of history, and for instance you'll find this place was called Manchukuo in the 1930s, Japan's puppet state created as a buffer zone between them and Russia's advance.


  • To accomplish this Japan set up an independent puppet state in Manchuria called Manchukuo, had several Chinese puppet states, established a Filipino republic, an Indian government, and a Burmese state.

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  • His deep-seated belief in the monarchical form of government prompted him to revive the throne and bring back to it the deposed Manchu Emperor, known as Henry Puyi, who happens to be the present puppet ruler of the so-called "Manchukuo".

    The Fight for Democracy in China

  • Engineers pitched Suihô Dam to occupation officials in "Manchukuo," the Manchurian puppet state, and Korea as an effort at Manchurian-Korean unity that would develop the military and economy in both regions.


  • “I remember well how, in the spring and summer of 1939, my curiosity was gripped by short newspaper accounts of an undeclared war that was raging between the Japanese and Soviet armies on a desolate stretch of disputed frontier lying between the client states of Manchukuo and Outer Mongolia.”

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  • Li Chen, an idealistic teenage peasant from Manchukuo, will be chosen by the Krush; his body gradually twisted until it resembles that of a serpentine titan.

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