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  • adjective Pertaining to Manchuria.
  • noun this sense) An inhabitant of Manchuria, especially one who is not of Han Chinese origin.


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  • You know, I call Manchurian plumber on this joint, man.

    'Shop Talk': President Obama Talks Tough On Oil Spill

  • He criticizes such petty and irritating practices as that of changing Chinese street names in Manchurian towns to Japanese, and deplores the actual discrimination of the railway authorities under certain conditions against Chinese passengers, and their refusal to carry Chinese troops in the movement against Russia two years ago.

    The Manchurian Crisis

  • The so-called Manchurian mushroom has been used for centuries as a folk tonic in China and Russia.

    Trends: Taking The Fungal-Tea Plunge

  • To be sure, some oppose allowing naturalized citizens to become president for one main reason: the spectre of the so-called Manchurian candidate (here's nativist Wes Clark on the topic).

    Gautam Dutta: John McCain: Citizen of the US?

  • In other happenings, I just saw a movie called the Manchurian Candidate.

    Archive 2004-12-01

  • In other happenings, I just saw a movie called the Manchurian Candidate.

    worlds in a grain of sand

  • Banner Armies were broadly divided along ethnic lines, namely Manchurian and Mongolian. - Business News

  • That also makes it a throwback to a popular South Korean genre of the early sixties known as the Manchurian western.

    The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed

  • The Amur leopard, also known as the Manchurian leopard, is the world's most endangered big cat, with only 25 to 35 of the cats still living in the wild in the Koreas, Northeast China and the Russian Far East. (c) UPI

    Breaking News - The Post Chronicle

  • It's not hard to observe that Obama is a well rehearsed Manchurian, that is obviously scared to death about having any open debate without any pre-determined outcome. RSS - home


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