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  • adjective Of, from, or relating to, the island of Mangaia
  • noun Someone of, or from, Mangaia


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  • I suppose, in the presence of the Mangaian words for 'brain of Tuna.'

    Modern Mythology

  • It appears that somebody or other has said -- 'we have been told' (i. 291) -- 'that all this' (the Mangaian theory of the universe) 'must have come from missionaries.'

    Modern Mythology

  • Tuna was an eel, and women may not eat eels; and Ina was the moon, who, a Mangaian Selene, loved no Latmian shepherd, but an eel.

    Modern Mythology

  • But I never hinted that the isolated Mangaian story of Tuna, or the stories of plants sprung from mangled men, 'accounted,' by themselves, 'for the story of Daphne.'

    Modern Mythology

  • Of the lost state of the dead, from the lurid Mangaian legend, in which infernal deities hocus and destroy the souls of all, to the various submarine and aerial limbos where the dead feast, float idle, or resume the occupations of their life on earth, it would be wearisome to tell.

    In the South Seas

  • Imagine your partner's reaction if you could manage sex like the Mangaian men!!

    MediaChannel 2.0 - Site Wide Activity

  • 'If Mr.A. Lang had studied the Mangaian dialect, or consulted scholars like the Rev.W. W. Gill -- it is from his "Myths and Songs from the South

    Modern Mythology

  • With Maoris and S.moans the word means an open space in a village; in the Tahitian, Mangaian, and Paumotan languages it means a temple, or a place where rites were performed.] [Footnote BK: The religion, and superstitions and legends of the Maoris are dealt with in S.r George Grey's "Polynesian Mythology," Mr.S. Percy

    John Rutherford, the White Chief


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