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  • n. An easily made sandwich of ground meat and commercially made, seasoned tomato sauce.


Genericized trademark, presumably a blend of man and sandwich. (Wiktionary)


  • One spot, now running, shows a girl dressed up as a "Manwich" in a school play trying to fit in with the neighbors from "Farmer John's Vegetable Patch."

    Brandweek - News and Features

  • The suffix "-wich" (mostly meaning "sandwichlike in shape") gets a workout in trade names (Manwich, Chipwich) or to indicate a filling (eggwich, hamwich).

    Week in Words

  • Inc. said it sees a sales spike of about 2% to 5% in the first two weeks of the month for brands like Banquet frozen meals, Snack Pack pudding, Manwich sloppy joe sauce and Hunt's ketchup.

    Shoppers Still Stick To Payday Purchases

  • He may have to resort to home-made fifis and saucing off in your Manwich mixes!


  • Really amusing take on that old commercial about how “there is no sandwich like Manwich.”

    Scarlet Fry’s Horrorama (1990)

  • I don't care if you support Hillary, or Obama .... just don't listen to what people who raffle off cans of Manwich think!

    Schneider: Obama's blue-collar problem persists

  • It was the variation on the Duchess Sandwich, the Duchess Manwich, first seen at Her Grace, Eva Bellambi's rezday party.

    Archive 2007-06-01

  • Even as Rodkin and the CEOs of Bumble Bee, Dole and Butterball testified, ConAgra's Slim Jim meat and cheese sticks, Pemmican beef jerky, Hunt's spaghetti sauce with meat flavor, Banquet Mac & Cheese and Manwich with beef refrigerated tubs were joining the Do Not Eat Hallmark/Westland recalled meat list.

    Meat Scandal Reaches the Hill

  • More Hamburger Helper and Manwich, more industrial, shrink-wrapped meat.

    Our Cheap, Cheap Food - Bitten Blog -

  • Those items include Slim Jim meat and cheese sticks, Pemmican beef jerky, Hunt's spaghetti sauce with meat flavor, one Banquet macaroni & cheese meal, Manwich with beef in a refrigerated tub, and a small quantity of foodservice and private-label lasagna with beef.

    Meat Recall Prompts Insurance Concerns


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