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  • n. A member of a South American Indian people inhabiting south-central Chile.
  • n. The Araucanian language of the Mapuche. Also called Mapudungun.

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  • proper n. An indigenous group of inhabitants of Central and Southern Chile and Southern Argentina.
  • proper n. The language of the Mapuche people.
  • adj. Of, from, or pertaining to the Mapuche.
  • n. A person of the Mapuche.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Mapuche : mapu, earth + che, people.

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From Mapudungun Mapuce


  • (The word Mapuche itself translates as "the People of the Land.")

  • The site is the first excavated settlement of the Andean people known as the Mapuche, who lived on the southern fringe of the Inca empire from about A.D. 1000 to 1500.

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  • AS A presidential candidate in 2009, Sebastián Piñera called Mapuche Indian activists accused of burning farms and lorries "criminals".

    The Economist: Correspondent's diary

  • Anyway, Nahuel is an aboriginal name of the Mapuche tribe (patagonia Argentina, far from Brazil), so there is already an error there.

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  • Furthermore, the Times failed to report on cables that revealed that the FBI kept tabs on the Mapuche, a Chilean indigenous group fighting for its ancestral lands and against the pro-corporate and pro-U.S. regime in Santiago.

    Nikolas Kozloff: Wikileaks Needs to Fine Tune Its Media Strategy

  • There's a hunger strike campaign on behalf of Mapuche Indians.

    Pinochet's legacy

  • We arrived alongside the four big scopes—named in the local Mapuche language Antu (the sun), Kueyen (the moon), Melipal (the Southern Cross), and Yepun (Venus)—and headed for a small side entrance of the first, then up two flights of stairs, around a bend, and into the control room.

    First Contact

  • Great people the Mapuche, one of the oldest cultures in danger because landowners and great intellectuals

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  • Before delving into public relations, she worked in marketing for the built environment, had a stint at the UNDP and worked with the Mapuche people in Temuco, Chile.

    Haily Zaki | Inhabitat

  • Last year in Chile, the Mapuche seized forests, sabotaged equipment and attacked police in a dispute over land rights, prompting the then president, Michelle Bachelet, to invoke Pinochet-era anti-terror laws.

    Peru's tribal groups chide president for vetoing rainforest law


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