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  • A city of west-central Germany north of Frankfurt. Europe's first Protestant university was founded here in 1527. Population: 79,400.


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  • We were still wearing the old clothes they gave us in Marburg and did we look funny in our patches and rags on our feet but what did we care as long as we were in good health.

    Thomas Hawksworth

  • He also told us of a girl working as a dental mechanic in Marburg who would be able to give us valuable assistance in the matter of maps and information of the partisan patrolĀ’s whereabouts south of the border.

    Walter (Bill) Gossner

  • And one of the companies, the Behring company in Marburg, became quite interested in it initially, and so they even funded our research for a certain period of time, with the expectation that we could collaborate on the development of vaccines.

    Harald zur Hausen - Interview

  • In 1898, after having become professor at the University in Marburg (then part of Prussia), Behring moved with his family into a house in Wilhelm-Roser-Strasse in Marburg, where his six sons were born.

    Emil von Behring: The Founder of Serum Therapy

  • However, comparative infection experiments carried out ad hoc in Marburg showed no differences in susceptibility, and extensive research led finally to the explanation that the number of cattle reacting to tuberculin is, in the main, dependent upon whether any or few cattle are kept permanently in the same stalls.

    Emil von Behring - Nobel Lecture

  • During his first years in Marburg, Loewi's studies were in the field of metabolism.

    Otto Loewi - Biography

  • Mrs. Turner spent some time in Marburg, Germany, working in the University Library there on a thesis dealing with communistic and religious sects that came to Canada from Germany.

    Post-War Utilization of Farm-Products

  • Frankfurt, Loewi being then in Marburg with Hans Horst Meyer, who still sustains his weight of honoured years.

    Sir Henry Dale - Banquet Speech

  • The Honourable Theodore Marburg is justly regarded as an outstanding authority on international affairs.

    Certain Features of the Paris Constitution

  • Two experimental treatments protected more than 60 percent of monkeys infected with Ebola and all the monkeys infected with a related virus called Marburg, the team at the U.S. Army Medical Top Stories


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