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  • n. A female representing an ideal type of physical beauty and glamour.


After Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962), film star. (Wiktionary)


  • For critic Maureen Turim, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes unabashedly participated in this coercive effort by marketing Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell as commodities, as the Cadillacs, so to speak, of the silver screen: “It is the hourglass figure, the lush, full body of Fifties fashion which sells the film.”

    All The Available Light

  • AUGUST 8, 1962 Marilyn Monroe is laid to rest in a crypt in Westwood Memorial Park Chapel.

    All The Available Light

  • Dumbness nitwit-ness remains one of the most controversial features of the Marilyn Monroe persona, and I am certainly not celebrating it as a positive image.

    All The Available Light

  • Catherine Texier when I was a little girl, in the fifties, in France, my beautiful and wild and unstable mother was what I might describe now, in retrospect, as a Marilyn Monroe type.

    All The Available Light

  • Marilyn Monroe can be approached as Norma Jeane, as the woman her neighbor in bungalow 31, Simone Signoret, said took three hours to turn herself into “Marilyn.”

    All The Available Light

  • Even though we may know, intellectually, that Marilyn Monroe died by her own hand from an overdose of barbiturates, when her violet-satin-clad body—seen in a series of mirrors—spans the screen five times over in How to Marry a Millionaire, or when her creamy, abundant flesh pours, once more, from the low-cut black negligee she wears in Some Like It Hot, she is with us still; she lives.

    All The Available Light

  • Looking at the life of Pam Anderson in the present tense tells us as much about ourselves as looking back on Marilyn Monroe tells us about our fathers and mothers.

    Chuck Klosterman on Media and Culture

  • Gold Marilyn Monroe from 1962 seems at first to be anti-Marilyn.

    All The Available Light

  • All the available light: a Marilyn Monroe reader / edited by Yona Zeldis

    All The Available Light

  • If she had only a line in the show, she would end up acting out an entire scene from an old classic she had been in, or else she would start telling sex stories of Hollywood, or else she would tell us secrets about Marilyn Monroe and the Kennedys, as she had been Marilyn’s roommate for a number of years.

    Roseanne Archy


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