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  • n. Plural form of Marxist.


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  • Marxists, and also many non-Marxists from the left, use the term imperialism as Lenin defined it: "the highest stage of capitalism", specifically the era in which monopoly finance capital becomes dominant, forcing the empires to compete amongst themselves increasingly for control over resources and markets all over the world.


  • In 2008, Barack Obama told us his intentions: he used the same terms the Marxists,

    Flopping Aces

  • Apparently, Obama was convinced that apologies, bows, concessions to Iran, Putin, Latin American Marxists, and the Arab world would wow them all the way his tropes had mesmerized upscale suburbanites in Palo Alto and Greenwich.

    Latest Articles

  • And, particularly, by invoking "No Blood for Oil", the anti-war left - including radicals and certain self-proclaimed "Marxists" - is, advertently or inadvertently, blameworthy of sweeping the real cause of war under the carpet.

    Wake Up From Your Slumber - The Truth Will Set You Free

  • 19The often-quoted definition of minzu by Chinese Marxists is the so-called four commonalities by Stalin.

    Between Winds and Clouds: The Making of Yunnan (Second Century BCE to Twentieth Century CE)

  • When all analysis evaporated, the majority of his political opponents were simply and banally labelled Marxists.

    Eirik Bergesen: Norway is Passing the Test of Terror

  • I often hear shrieks of Obama being surrounded by 'radical leftists' and 'Marxists' -- the very same propaganda codewords used by the military industrial complex when paving the way for popular support in overthrowing Latin American leaders (think Aristide or Zelaya).

    Max Keiser: 'They Can Make Me Do Anything, Ben, Can't They? Anything.'

  • Gross and Simmons cautioned, however, that in fields like sociology and literature, scholars who identify as Marxists are in many cases talking about specific approaches to their research and analysis, and not necessarily about a ideology they wish to see in operation

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Professors and Intelligent Design:

  • The BJP, Congress and so-called Marxists all are singing the same song.

    A Maoist critique of the CPI(Marxist)

  • Where murders have become a common feature and the so-called Marxists are the main culprits what right do they have to talk on the counter violence?

    A Maoist critique of the CPI(Marxist)


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