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  • An ancient mountaintop fortress in southeast Israel on the southwest shore of the Dead Sea. In AD 73, after a two-year siege, members of the Zealot Jewish movement committed mass suicide rather than surrender to the Romans.


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  • The Polity needs to know about this, but cannot whilst Masada is under the control of the Theocracy.

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  • Masada is the homeworld of an ancient race that committed racial suicide to avoid civilization-destroying Jain technology.

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  • Furthermore, for Jews Masada is an ethos as well as history, no matter what historians claim.

    Is That Legal?: Masada . . . Never Again?

  • Masada is evoked by a Hasidic Jew whose bris is about to be finished by Tony’s gang in order to ensure his cooperation (” Denial, Anger, Acceptance,” Season One).

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  • Ciskei ruler Lennox Sebe "fixed" on the idea of building a shrine after a visit to a similar one, called Masada, in Israel.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • That castle of noted fame which is called Masada in Josephus, Pliny,

    From the Talmud and Hebraica

  • Today he leads a Yiddish jazz band called Masada that is far from the avant-garde of his early years.

    "xchannel" via Mindfield in Google Reader

  • If they were Philistines, they would claim back the Isle of Crete from Greece and would recognize that they have nothing to do with the Land of Israel, and would ask excuses to Israel for having stolen the Ark of the Covenant. c.e., the last attempt of the Jews to achieve independence from the Roman Empire ended with the well-known event of Masada, that is historically documented and universally recognized as the fact that determined the Jewish Diaspora in a definitive way.

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  • Tour famous sites such as Masada, The Israeli Knesset, the Sea of Galilee and have a night out in Tel Aviv;

    UPZ puts forward a Birthright trip | Jewschool

  • Harry Mitchell has been to Israel: touring the old city, visiting the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial, visiting historical sites such as Masada and even meeting leaders like Shimon Peres.

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