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  • adjective of, or relating to Matthew the Evangelist


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  • What do we make of the women in the Matthean genealogical tree Ch.1?

    Did Jesus Claim To Be God?

  • It will always be more useful methodologically to say: "look at this Matthean expression coming up in Luke" than to say, "Why does this other Matthean expression not come up in Luke?"

    Did Matthew Know Luke? A Neglected Angle on the Synoptic Problem

  • Can anyone recommend a good treatment of the topic, whether it comes down in favor of Matthean dependence on Luke or the Q hypothesis?

    Archive 2009-09-01

  • I understand that he argues for some form of Matthean posteriority, but I'll have to wait for the book to get the details.

    Did Matthew Know Luke? A Neglected Angle on the Synoptic Problem

  • One that particularly struck me is the reproduction in Luke of what seem to be distinctively Matthean phrases, imagery or emphases.

    Archive 2009-09-01

  • The question then remains concerning the infancy accounts is: are the differences between the Matthean and Lukan account such that Luke could not have known Matthew's infancy account?

    Contradictory Christmases

  • See Dunn's study of "Matthean Awareness of Markan Redaction" on this particular example and others like it.

    What Do You Say That I Did?

  • But given that they aren't in any other Gospel, that Matthew's introduction of the guards requires him to rewrite why the women went to the tomb, and also requires the Jewish authorities to have understood things about Jesus that the disciples themselves did not, it is far preferable to simply discard the Matthean guards as an apologetic creation with no historical basis.

    Jesus, The Final Days: Dishonorable Burial

  • As for the Matthean and Lukan infancy account, I do see great differences, especially in theology and politics, but I don't see such differences as "frivolous."

    Contradictory Christmases

  • Please note that the part about left and right in his kingdom is based the Matthean form of that pericope.

    Is It Better To View Jesus' Prediction as Trite or Mistaken?


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