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  • n. Plural form of McJob.


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  • The burger chain is also eager to change the perception of the term "McJobs." - News

  • Dave's Part blog reports that my second favourite Burger company has launched a campaign to persuade the Oxford English Dictionary to change the definition of the word McJobs in their new edition.

    Labour MP in McDonald's Hospitality Riddle

  • It is also trying to shed the negative connotation of employment at the fast-food chain, once dubbed McJobs.

    McDonald's will hold hiring day April 19 to fill 50,000 jobs

  • Leech has not only taken hospitality and tickets later returned after a sustained protest and lots of weaselly excuses but also conspired in an Early Day Motion on McJobs as part of their marketing effort in which they trade on the idea of McJobs and McOpportunities.

    Chorlton Libdemologists: Oh Dear Oh Dear Oh Dear

  • Six in ten jobs lost during the downturn were in middle-wage occupations, according to the National Employment Law Project, and nearly 75 percent of the jobs added since were lower-wage -- so-called McJobs.

  • The head of McDonald's in the UK says university "isn't the right route for everyone" and wants more people to take so-called McJobs to start their careers.

    BBC News - Home

  • Such was the volume of interest in the so-called McJobs, franchisee of the McDonald's in Clare Kieran McDermott said he was forced to take down the banner advertising vacancies at the site.

  • Americans who want to work are often forced to take poorly paid "McJobs" in the service industry that no one aspires to, that don't produce anything, and that won't lead anywhere.

    Henry Blodget: Walmart Employs 1% of America: Should It Be Forced to Pay Its Employees More?

  • And so America's once vast manufacturing economy hollowed out into a "McJobs" service economy.

    Clash of Realities

  • But, the economy has already collapsed for many in the middle class and is just getting worse: lack of health care, contracting wages, increasing unemployment and menial "McJobs," social security pending disaster, record debt, foreclosures, etc.

    Mike Garibaldi-Frick: Economic Bailouts!


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