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  • n. A member of one of the guilds organized in the principal cities of Germany in the 14th, 15th, and 16th centuries to establish competitive standards for the composition and performance of music and poetry. Also called mastersinger.

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  • n. See mastersinger.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

German, from Middle High German : meister, master (from Old High German meistar, from Latin magister; see master) + singer, singer (from singen, to sing, from Old High German singan; see sengwh- in Indo-European roots).


  • Tristan chord in Meistersinger or Beethoven 5 in Ives 2nd Sonata

    Salvati dunque e scolpati

  • The Meistersinger was my favourite opera and so it appeared to be of the Dresdeners; Wagner, having quarrelled with the authorities, refused to allow the Ring to be played in the Dresden Opera House; and every one was tired of the swans and doves of Lohengrin and

    Margot Asquith, an Autobiography - Two Volumes in One

  • There was a rumour at the time that Karajan was upset that the "Meistersinger" recording had been given to Kubelik -- who had sort of B-level status in terms of fame and status though probably Karajan's superior as a conductor.

    Archive 2006-04-01

  • But by the late '60s there was some talk that Fischer-Dieskau might give in and record the part of Sachs, and the rumour was that Deutsche Grammophon deep-sixed the Kubelik recording of "Meistersinger" so that they could record a Fischer-Dieskau version and cash in on what they apparently thought to be the baritone's superstar status.

    Archive 2006-04-01

  • They did, in fact, finally record a "Meistersinger" with Fischer-Dieskau -- ten years later.

    Archive 2006-04-01

  • There was speculation that the DG executives, wanting to keep Karajan happy, suppressed Kubelik's recording in case Karajan might want to record "Meistersinger" for them he eventually recorded it for another company.

    Archive 2006-04-01

  • John Culshaw of Decca offered him a recording of "Meistersinger" and he said no; other producers offered him the same, and he still said no.

    Archive 2006-04-01

  • It's the best thing I've seen in a theatre since 'Meistersinger'.

    Archive 2005-08-01

  • Wagner he often listens to with pleasure, and especially the "Meistersinger," which is his pet opera.

    William of Germany

  • In answer to Mark's sincere, "Play more," as she started to rise from the piano stool, Miss Allison let her fingers wander through passages of "Meistersinger" in a way that showed a musician's knowledge of the score.

    The Best Short Stories of 1915 And the Yearbook of the American Short Story


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