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  • proper n. A taxonomic genus within the family Meliaceae — certain flowering trees.


New Latin, from Ancient Greek μελία ("manna ash, Fraxinus ornus"), which has similar leaves (Wiktionary)


  • The Spanish hotel giant Melia is to build on an alternative site, probably in Cancún, following the cancellation of its Xcacel-Xcacelito project on environmental grounds.

    Lloyd Mexico Economic Report - Janaury 2002

  • "'Melia," said aunt Ann suddenly, looking down over her glasses at the tin kitchen, "ain't it a real cross to bake in that thing?"

    Tiverton Tales

  • 'Melia's affections, for they' ad used to walk out regularly on Sundays and holidays before Lobster came along ....

    The Dop Doctor

  • Miss 'Melia's gownds -- have you got them -- as the lady's maid was to have' ad?

    Studies in Literature and History

  • He thought Miss 'Melia's playing the divinest music ever performed, and her the finest lady.

    Vanity Fair

  • 'Melia's gownds -- have you got them -- as the lady's maid was to have' ad?

    Vanity Fair

  • "'Melia," said he brokenly, "I guess I never told you in so many words, but it's the truth: if God Almighty was to make me a woman, I'd have her you, not a hair altered.

    Tiverton Tales

  • "'Melia," called Enoch, from the doorway, "I won't come in to dinner jest now.

    Tiverton Tales

  • "'Melia," said he at last, "there ain't anything in my life I couldn't tell you.

    Tiverton Tales

  • "'Melia," he said, "I ain't told you the half, an 'I dunno 's I can tell it now.

    Country Neighbors


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