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  • adj. Of or pertaining to Henry Louis "H. L." Mencken (1880–1956), influential American writer and critic.


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Mencken +‎ -ian


  • Indeed, if a state is defined as an organization that (1) has a monopoly of force over an arbitarily circumscribed geograpical area (a Weberian protection racket) and (2) obtains its resources by coercion (a Menckenian-Rothbardian pillage broker), in what sense is a warlord not a head of state?

    Descent into Warlordism, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • All the more reason to hope, then, that this year's one potentially risky innovation — accepting dozens of free-form online bloggers as accredited convention journalists — may lace the proceedings with fresh insight and even some Menckenian impertinence.

    Archive 2004-07-01

  • Clay came from a generation that was killing the newspaper writer, in which the dominance of The New York Times and the mystical insularity of William Shawn’s New Yorker were so powerful that the blaring, clattering bumptiousness of New York newspapers that had come to dominate the press in the 19th century through the Menckenian 1920s was being squashed into a white-collar, gray-suited blur.

    Never Hold Your Best Stuff


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