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  • Menes fl. 3000 B.C. King of Egypt who united Upper and Lower Egypt, thus founding Egypt's first dynasty.


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  • It was attempted to prove, in the same way as a thousand other things have been proved, that a king of Egypt, called Menes by the Greeks, was the Chinese King Yu; and that Atoes was Ki, by the change of certain letters.

    A Philosophical Dictionary

  • None of these cats is the modern day King Menes, meaning they aren’t going to bridge the gap between the commercial and underground and make it all one big united Hip Hop family again.

    Dart’s Rant Of The Day: Jay Electronica: Hip Hop’s New Black Jesus

  • Farmers had already lived on the banks of the Nile for several thousand years when, according to tradition, Menes united the kingdoms of upper (southern) and lower (northern) Egypt at the end of the fourth millennium B.C. The Old Kingdom began a few centuries later with a highly centralized government under the pharaohs.

    Alexander the Great

  • It was here the greatest worship of Nile crocodiles took place, in a city founded by Menes of the First Dynasty, but officially named Crocodopolis in the third century BC by Ptolemy II.

    Richard Bangs: Quest for the Lord of the Nile, Part III

  • The Nigerian government has demonstrated good faith and willingness to go ahead with the project, says Jude Menes, the vice president of legal and related affairs at the Nigerian subsidiary of the firm, the Balkan Center Development, Ltd.

    Nigerian Government Partners With US Firm to Develop Federal Capital Territory of Abuja

  • With all saurian ceremony, Menes was sculled over to found a city in about 3000 BC that would worship crocodiles, a city that under Ptolemy II was christened Crocodopolis.

    Richard Bangs: Quest for the Lord of the Nile

  • The story went that once upon a time Menes, first king of all the Egyptians, was set upon by his own dogs while out hunting.

    Richard Bangs: Quest for the Lord of the Nile

  • In the meanwhile, the containment of barbarians by less than apocalyptic means, has been a burden of civilized states since Menes was a second lieutenant.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Retrospective on the Iranian Hostage Crisis

  • The bust or carving of the head of the 1st Pharaoh Menes, is of a Black Man.

    Archive 2008-12-01

  • Ancient Egypt follows the development of the kingdom from the time of Menes, the first king of Egypt who reigned around 3000 BC, tthrough the days of the Pharaohs, up to the time of the last ruler – the legendary Queen Cleopatra, who died in 30 BC – into the Greek and Roman periods.

    Incredible Exhibit on Ancient Egypt


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