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  • n. A service book of the Greek Church that corresponds, though very roughly, to the proprium sanctorum of the Latin breviary. They include all the movable parts of the services connected with the commemoration of saints and in particular the canons sung in the Orthros, the office which corresponds with Catholic lauds, including the synaxaries, i. e. the historical notices regarding the saints of the day.
  • n. The tables of scriptural lessons, arranged according to months and saints' days, which are often found at the beginning of manuscripts of the gospels or other lectionaries. The saints' days are briefly named and the readings indicated beside each.
  • n. A collection of long lives of the saints of the Greek Church, whenever these lives, are arranged according to months and days of the year.


From Latin Menologium, from Ancient Greek μηνολόγιον (mēnologion), from μήν (mēn, "month"), meaning "month-set". (Wiktionary)



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