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  • adj. Describing the language once used in Meroë, or the script, related to hieroglyphs, in which it was written.


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  • Visit Sudan for the Pyramids Associated Press Some of Sudan's 144 pyramids of the Meroitic kings and queens in Meroe, 125 miles north of Khartoum.

    Five Travel Destinations for Super-Adventurous Tourists

  • The Meroitic site lacks running water, electricity or toilets.

    Five Travel Destinations for Super-Adventurous Tourists

  • The Ancient Kingdom of Cush developed civilization, religion, scripture, literature, fine arts, architecture, and sciences in different historical periods, namely the Kerma Kingdom period (2600 – 1500 BCE), the Cushitic period (850 – 500 BCE), and the Meroitic period (450 BCE – 350 CE).

    Open Letter to HRH, Hamad Bin Khalifa al Thani, on Ethiopia

  • Personally, I kind of wish you were looking at Meroitic or Libyan, but Etruscan'll do very nicely...

    Pava and the 'boy' hoax

  • Vincent Rondot, director of the dig carried out by the French Section of Sudan's Directorate of Antiquities, said each statue displayed an inscription written in Meroitic script, the oldest written language in sub-Saharan Africa.

    Archive 2008-12-01

  • Rondot said the dig at el-Hassa, the site of a Meroitic town, had uncovered the first complete version of a royal dedication, previously found only on fragments of carvings from the same period.

    Archive 2008-12-01

  • Stone temples, pyramids, and obelisks were built, and a native Meroitic building style developed.

    d. The Kingdoms of Napata and Meroe

  • Between 591 and 270 B.C.E. Meroë became the political capital, but Meroitic rulers continued to be buried at Napata (which was recaptured) to the end of the fourth century.

    d. The Kingdoms of Napata and Meroe

  • The Meroitic state flourished for nine centuries, ruled by African kings who imitated many of the customs of Egyptian pharaohs.

    3. Later African Prehistory

  • It is not until 170 B.C.E. that the native language, Meroitic, was written.

    b. Economy, Technology, Society, and Culture


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