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  • Metaphysics is a dark ocean without shores or lighthouse, strewn with many a philosophic wreck.”

    The dangers of Wii

  • Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics is an excellent quick read, summing up the main points of his Critique of Pure Reason quite nicely.

    Matthew Yglesias » Time For a Blogger Ethics Panel

  • Metaphysics is another whole kettle of fish, and IMHO belongs in philosophy courses, not science courses.


  • Metaphysics is the original politics, and it informs political positions, policies and goals today every bit as much as it did the day humans invented writing (and immediately started writing about metaphysics-as-politics).

    A Voice from the Middle Ground

  • Metaphysics is a fascinating subject as well, but politics, OTOH, is an ugly and rough science.

    Think Progress » Bush Delegation Stages “Walk Out” at Climate Talks

  • Metaphysics is impossible to verify through experience.

    ACLU wins in Dover

  • David Berlinksi on Physics and Metaphysics is an Uncommon Descent blog entry by Granville Sewell.

    A Trend?

  • 1981, ˜On Time, Tense and Aspect: An Essay in English Metaphysics™, in P. Cole (ed.), Radical P.agmatics, New York: Academic P.ess, 63-81.


  • That name got assigned to it because the books we now call the Metaphysics came after

    How to Do Philosophy

  • But then learning what Philosophy is -- especially that most fundamental part of Philosophy which is called Metaphysics -- is like learning to swim: you never discover how to do it until you find yourself considerably out of your depth.

    Philosophy and Religion Six Lectures Delivered at Cambridge


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