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  • proper n. A taxonomic subkingdom within the kingdom Animalia — the metazoa.

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  • Those animals in which the protoplasmic mass, constituting the egg, is converted into a multitude of cells, which are metamorphosed into the tissues of the body. A central cavity is commonly developed, and the cells around it are at first arranged in two layers, -- the ectoderm and endoderm. The group comprises nearly all animals except the Protozoa.

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  • All those animals which are above the Protozoa, and which in the course of their development undergo certain metamorphoses, consisting of the primary segmentation of a true egg or ovum, and the subsequent passage through an embryonic condition in which they possess at least two distinct germinal layers: animals exhibiting cellular differentiation.

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  • n. multicellular animals having cells differentiated into tissues and organs and usually a digestive cavity and nervous system


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  • You didn't answer this question, but said that molecular homology does indicate vertical descent (common ancestry from an actual cell) in Metazoa, “the group located above the Darwinian threshold.”

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  • "Planula" theory, according to which the ancestral form of the Metazoa was a two-layered closed sac formed typically by delamination, less often by invagination.

    Form and Function A Contribution to the History of Animal Morphology

  • The album, "Metazoa," was recorded with and produced by Billy Anderson (NEUROSIS, MELVINS, SLEEP, PRIMORDIAL), mixed by Anderson, and mastered by Justin Weis (HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE, LUDICRA, SLOUGH FEG).

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  • Current revision as of 06: 20, 8 February 2010 taxonomic Kingdom Animalia (also called Metazoa heterotrophs (i.e. they rely directly or indirectly on other organisms for their nourishment).

    Conservapedia - Recent changes [en]

  • I then would run my ancestry lines from Chordata (3) down to Metazoa (2) and from Metazoa to the ground line (1).

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  • Of course, above the level of the domains, Woese's thinking is (more or less) conventional evolution — the vertical descent of familiar monophyletic groups (the eukaryotes, the Metazoa, etc).

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  • We can repeat the exercise if you like for Metazoa, Chordata, etc.

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  • You then cited publications where Woese, Doolittle, and others, affirm their faith in the monophyly of Eukarya, Metazoa, chimps and humans, whatever.

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  • Michael Sherman's Universal Genome in the Origin of Metazoa proposes an experimentally testable hypothesis and a model with two major predictions appearing in the linked abstract:

    2008 August - Telic Thoughts

  • As to why sexual selection is important, then just consider the evolutionary history of the Metazoa and Metaphyta.

    Dana Carvey on Darwin (NOT Dar-lose!) - The Panda's Thumb


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