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  • proper n. Microsoft


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The Microsoft name with a dollar sign, implying greedy capitalism.


  • Of course, being in my younger years at the time, this consisted of a series of appallingly immature and impotent oppositions, such as adding a disclaimer to the bottom of my first web site declaring that performance could not be guaranteed if it was viewed with “Micro$oft Internet Exploder”.

    Passing judg(e)ment « Motivated Grammar

  • It's not as though using dollar signs is fooling anybody although it does remind one handily of the people who think it's clever to write "Micro$oft".

    Voting Update: This One's For John

  • Then they [Micro$oft] never, ever try to fight the new technology.


  • I saw once that a Micro$oft response to a bug that crashed their system after 40 days or so up was: You're lucky if you haven't BSODed for forty days.


  • WIser head saw where that one was going, and Micro$oft buckled (but I don't know of any sane person that accepts M$ "Java"; we insist that people load up Sun Java).


  • But if you want "bad decisions" by Micro$oft, if you've got a couple weeks, I've got plenty .....


  • You would think after living through that debacle, Micro$oft is the last place he would have to worry about.

    Microsoft Loses Don Dodge. This Is A Huge Mistake

  • Micro$oft began to awaken from its slumber, realizing that there was gold in them thar hills, and the Browser war took off in a big way.

    catpewk Diary Entry

  • We should ignore any data that disagrees with our emotions about Micro$oft.

    IE7 Beta 2 Ships

  • Micro$oft brought out their new search engine, as the latest part in their strategy to dominate all things geek.

    catpewk Diary Entry


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