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  • adj. Of or relating to Microsoft Inc., or its products.


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Microsoft +‎ -ian


  • As for Apple being "Microsoftian", as someone has already pointed out, MS tried (try?) to get rid of competing software so they could impose their own solutions as a standard.

    Cult of Mac

  • Their aversion could soon reach Microsoftian proportions.

    Gazprom: The New Airbus

  • Well, see, Google has this teeny-tiny image problem for kind of, um, well, not playing so nice with other companies and not respecting other people's intellectual property and kind of, um, being a little Microsoftian about trying to screw people with whom it makes "partnerships."

    Wall Street turns on Google

  • The inimitable Ben Barren joined the ever-Microsoftian Cameron Reilly one recent sunny South Melbourne morning for a skinny latte and a podcast, interspersed with Gameboy tech support for Cam's two sprogs.

    Ben Barren on G'Day World

  • But in its Microsoftian manner, the company will surely power up the Windows 8 hoopla machine long before it has a product to sell - perhaps as soon as CEO Steve Ballmer's keynote at the Top Stories

  • And you're glossing a bit too quickly over the fact that Google bought a company and then killed its iPhone app - which, if it's not a Microsoftian move, it sure looks like it so far.


  • They showed a Microsoftian level of cluelessness about privacy and security.

    Chicago Boyz

  • I began working on the icon designs for Slickerfox shortly after the release of 3.0 in mid 2008 after being disappointed in the heavy use of Microsoftian designs.

    Softpedia - Windows - All

  • I'm quite unimpressed with the Microsoftian, censorious, 1984ish way that Apple's been running its business on the iPhone platform, and even less impressed with the fact that it's now being pushed into a platform closer to "normal computers" than to a phone.

    Daring Fireball

  • I got sick of the new "features" that did more harm than good (like the Windows "application integration"), the 180+ MB updates, and the Microsoftian tendency for each new release to be slower than the last.

    VersionTracker: Mac OS X


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