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  • adj. Of or relating to the Roman Mysteriae Mithrae ("Mysteries of Mithras", "Mithraic Mysteries"), an astrology-centric, middle-platonic mystery cult of the 1st-4th century Roman Empire that claimed to have been founded by "Zoroaster".


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Mithras +‎ -ic. First attested in English circa 1678. More at Mithras


  • There is, for example, the Mithraic altar she devised with her husband, which has seemingly Persian and Greek text, but is no more than an intellectual joke.

    'Secret garden' Wrest Park reopens after restoration

  • In the ancient Persian Mithraic tradition, severe fasting preceded the sacramental meal.

    Donna Henes: Lent: Hungering For Spirit

  • It's one part pagan (most of the decor and ritual) one part Mithraic (the exact date of the saviour's birth) one part christian (carols from Kings) and several thousand parts capitalist.

    Richard Dawkins | A shameful Thought for the Day

  • Here is a hard truth: the earliest Mithraic artifact is dated to about 90 CE (Clauss, p. 21).

    Carry-Over Thread

  • The exact nature of the connection between the two is still debated, but Clauss states the general attitude of Mithraic scholars quite succinctly: "We cannot account for Roman Mithras in terms borrowed from Persian Mitra" (p. 7).

    Carry-Over Thread

  • This gives an interesting slant, as Tarquinius and Romulus in Parthia and Fabiola in Rome all encounter the Mithraic religion at about the same time, despite being thousands of miles apart.

    The Silver Eagle, by Ben Kane. Book review

  • And so, Geoff Manaugh talks with the legendary editor about his research as well as about "the Mithraic religion of the ancient Mediterranean, urban acoustics, the music of the spheres, Brian Eno, Single Speed Design, the architecture of film, and even whether or not CCTV surveillance of city streets should be considered a new cinematic avant-garde."

    GreenCine Daily: Weekend shorts.

  • The Römisch-Germanisches Museum is packed with relics of ancient and prehistoric life: Thirty-five-thousand-year-old axe heads, Mithraic cult statuettes, the wood-bordered tablet of a Roman schoolchild, his ABCs still etched in wax.

    In Search of Kölsch in Cologne

  • This was one of seven Mithraic sacraments, alleged to be the models for the Christian seven sacraments.

    Think Progress » POLL: Only 3 Percent Say Homosexuality is America’s ‘Most Serious Moral Crisis’

  • Like the Colisseum in Rome, it was a venue for gladiatorial combat, wild animal hunts, spectacles of all kinds, executions and--unlike Rome--Mithraic Bull Rituals that are the origin of modern bullfights, which take place there now.

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