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  • For as long as most could remember, the name of Mithridates had been used by Roman mothers to frighten their children into good behavior.


  • But his tiara dropped off his head, and a young Persian, by name Mithridates, running by, struck a dart into one of his temples near his eye, not knowing who he was, out of which wound much blood gushed, so that Cyrus, swooning and senseless, fell off his horse.

    The Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans

  • Again, towards the close of Pacorus's reign, and early in that of his recognized successor, Chosroes, a monarch called Mithridates is shown by the coins to have borne sway for at least six years -- from A.D. 107 to 113.

    The Seven Great Monarchies Of The Ancient Eastern World, Vol 6. (of 7): Parthia The History, Geography, And Antiquities Of Chaldaea, Assyria, Babylon, Media, Persia, Parthia, And Sassanian or New Persian Empire; With Maps and Illustrations.

  • Deiotarus from him to give it to a gentleman of the city of Pergamus, called Mithridates; and they who wrote his Life record several cities sold by him; and Suetonius says, that he had once from King Ptolemy three millions and six hundred thousand crowns, which was very like selling him his own kingdom:

    The Essays of Montaigne — Complete

  • Vater, in his "Mithridates," first attempted a classification of the languages of the globe, but the work of Mr. Gallatin, though confined in subject, was original in its conception and treatment.

    Albert Gallatin American Statesmen Series, Vol. XIII

  • Adelung's "Mithridates," which might have helped me to a few words, I addressed him in some lines from the Iliad; considering that of such language as I possessed, the Greek, in point of longitude, came geographically nearest to an Oriental one.

    The Opium Habit

  • "Mithridates" you find the languages of the world classified as

    Chips From A German Workshop - Volume I Essays on the Science of Religion

  • A new (or revived? site called Mithridates features posts on a multilingual 404 page (Wuhloss, man, de page yuh lookin for ent here! MITHRIDATES.

  • IT WAS AROUND 88 B.C.when the king of Pontus—Mithridates VI, sometimes called Mithridates the Great—decided he had had enough of Roman influence in his region, of Roman meddling in his affairs, of Rome’s arrogance and imperial pretensions.

    Sands of Empire

  • All who had investments in the societates would wish to know the latest news brought by _tabellarii_ from the provinces, e.g. of the state of the crop in Sicily or Asia, or of the disposition of some provincial governor towards the publicani of his province, or again of the approach of some enemy, such as Mithridates or Ariovistus, who by defeating a Roman army might break into Roman territory and destroy the prospects of a successful contractual enterprise.

    Social life at Rome in the Age of Cicero


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