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  • proper n. A female given name.


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Borrowed from German Mitzi in the 20th century.


  • When she puts the pen down, a little ink drops off the nib, spreads into a blue mark on the paper and makes the word Mitzi invisible.

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  • In 1981, he made a trip to Bavaria with three friends from the German department, and there, in a little bookstore in Munich, on Voralmstrasse, he found two other books: the slim volume titled Mitzi's Treasure, less than one hundred pages long, and the aforementioned English novel, The Garden.


  • The second tale “The Magic Muntr,” in Mitzi Szereto’s In Sleeping Beauty’s Bed interested me more because I’ve read so many versions of Cinderella, from the centuries old through the Disney and Grimm versions to modern and futuristic adaptations and retellings.

    Book Review: In Sleeping Beauty’s Bed III « Colleen Anderson

  • Her name was Melissa, but her friends called her Mitzi.

    Born Standing Up

  • "See you again sometime, maybe?" called Mitzi when he went diving out into the afternoon street.

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  • Now he's back on the boards as Tick, aka Mitzi, one of the drag-queen stars of

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  • He is appearing at the Palace alongside adopted Brit Jason Donovan and bona fide Brit Oliver Thornton, who play drag queens Tick (aka Mitzi) and Adam (Felicia), Bernadette's travelling companions on the bus they name Priscilla.


  • Vanbiesbrouck said one young man in the program, called "Mitzi," lost both of his parents in the war and survived because his grandmother carried him on her back while hiding in the woods for two years.

    Vanbiesbrouck helping with efforts to establish youth hockey in Bosnia

  • Young, uneducated, unwed, and the mother of a baby girl she named Miriam but called Mitzi, Esther met and married a dry cleaner named Arnold Radford, who adopted Mitzi and moved the family north to Palace Valley shortly after the Supreme Court’s 1948 ban on racially restrictive covenants on property deeds that barred blacks and Asians from owning property in the area.

    Parents Behaving Badly

  • "Mitzi," they say to me, "you are a heroine, you are superb."

    A Murder Is Announced


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