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  • n. A native or inhabitant of Moab.
  • n. The Semitic language of Moab.

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  • n. a native or inhabitant of Moab
  • proper n. Extinct Canaanite Semitic language, spoken in Moab (modern-day northwestern Jordan). Extinct since 5th century BCE.

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  • n. One of the posterity of Moab, the son of Lot. (Gen. xix. 37.) Also used adjectively.

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  • n. One of a tribe of people descended from Moab, one of the sons of Lot (Gen. xix. 36, 37), anciently inhabiting the mountainous region lying to the east of the Dead Sea and of the lower part of the river Jordan.
  • Pertaining to Moab or the Moabites.


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Moab +‎ -ite


  • In the year 1868 Rev.F. Klein, of the Church Missionary Society at Jerusalem, found at Dhiban (the biblical Dibon), in Moab, a remarkable stone, since called the Moabite Stone.

    Smith's Bible Dictionary

  • He called her a "Moabite," and the "Harlot of Babylon," till she wept from sheer vexation.

    General History for Colleges and High Schools

  • The Moabite king Balak, concerned about the looming Jewish people en route to Palestine Hebrew Cana'an after having broken out of Egypt, hires Balaam to curse the Jews and halt their progress.

    Menachem Wecker: Balaam Sculpture Sheds Light On Differing Christian And Jewish Views Of Prophecy

  • One of the men, Zimri, appears to have made a public spectacle of himself with a Moabite woman named Kozbi.

    Brad Hirschfield: Resisting the Seductions of Religious Zeal

  • The patriarchs were called sojourners; Ruth was a Moabite living in Bethlehem; Joseph was so assimilated into Egyptian culture his brothers did not recognize him; Nebuchadnezzar deported Daniel; Moses was an alien fugitive in Midian; David lived with the Philistines fleeing King Saul; Jesus, our Peace, our Redemption Crucified, was an infant carried over a border, like so many of my honor-roll discipleship students who dream about a future denied.

    Guest Blogger Ian Danley in Phoenix: 'I don't want my city to be the Birmingham or Selma in this drama'

  • The two sons married Moabite women, one named Orpah and the other Ruth.

    Do You Know Who I Am?

  • “Bin-Nun would cut you down like he did those Moabite women who fornicated with his precious Hebrew soldiers,” Hamas went on, going in for the kill.


  • As soon as they did, a lot of the soldiers started screwing around with the local Moabite and Midianite women.


  • There is the story of Ruth the Moabite in the book that bears her name who, after the death of her Israelite husband, clings to her destitute and exiled mother-in-law, Naomi, traveling back to Bethlehem with her, and overcoming poverty and the stigma of being both a widow and a foreigner to earn the love of a local leader named Boaz.

    The Ten Commandments

  • According to another tradition, Ishmael married a Moabite woman.

    Hagar: Midrash and Aggadah.


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