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  • A historical region of northwest Italy south of the Po River. Claimed by a noble family of Mantua and the house of Savoy after 1612, it was finally awarded to Savoy by the Peace of Utrecht (1713).


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  • The soil is mostly red, and in vines, affording a wine called Montferrat, which is thick and strong.

    Memoir, Correspondence, And Miscellanies, From The Papers Of Thomas Jefferson, Volume 2

  • Upon the whole of Montferrat, of which the duke of Savoy received the investiture at Vienna in 1708.

    A Philosophical Dictionary

  • The Lady Marquesse of Montferrat, with a Banquet of Hennes, and divers other gracious speeches beside, repressed the fond love of the King of France.

    The Decameron

  • The Marquesse of Montferrat was a worthy and valiant Knight, who being Captaine Generall for the Church, the necessary service required his company on the Seas, in a goodly Army of the

    The Decameron

  • Having defeated the marquis of Montferrat at Alexandria, the duke was able to unite his whole force against the Venetians and invade their territory.

    The History of Florence

  • Montferrat, instigated either by his own ambition or the entreaties of the Venetians, did the same on the side of Alexandria.

    The History of Florence

  • King Ren├ę commenced his march into Italy, but was stopped by the duke of Savoy and the marquis of Montferrat, who, being in alliance with the Venetians, would not allow him to pass.

    The History of Florence

  • Boniface of Montferrat, Crusader and king of Salonika

    Subject Index Page 12

  • Assembly of Crusaders at Soissons elected Boniface of Montferrat, a famous soldier from a distinguished Lombard family, to lead the crusade.

    b. The Crusades

  • Boniface of Montferrat was made king of Salonika (Thessalonica) and the remaining parts of the empire were assigned to various barons as vassals of the emperor.

    c. Latin and Greek States in the Middle East


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