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  • n. A troglodyte cannibalistic race described in H.G. Wells's fiction book, The Time Machine.


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  • At a preliminary hearing in Morlock's case Monday, Army officials confirmed that the number of restricted photos is 60 to 70.

    U.S. Soldiers Accused Of Murdering Afghans Posed For Dozens Of Photos With Corpses And Body Parts, Records Show

  • Morlock is rudely awakened by a stone monster, which he dispatches thanks to blubbing and skills.

    Archive 2010-03-01

  • Morlock is wandering as is his wont, when a stone asks him some questions, not being able to get out and about to discover information.

    Archive 2010-03-01

  • Also, how come Morlock is still confused by the signature in her note to him, when he received a farewell from her just before that?

    Archive 2009-06-01

  • Apart from making me wonder what he could possibly do with two sets of teeth that, evidently, don't meet when he bites down, this image makes me think: 'Morlock', now, has moved away from the albino insectile or arachnid vision of Wells's novella 'It made me shudder.

    Archive 2010-07-01

  • When Ambrosia is accused of witchcraft and put to trial by combat, she is forced to play her trump card and call on her brother, Morlock Ambrosius — stateless person, master of all magical makers, deadly swordsman, and hopeless drunk.

    James Enge's Blood of Ambrose has arrived!

  • I've long loved Enge's Morlock stories in Black Gate, and this offers a heaping helping of the Ambrosii and their complicated family dynamic.

    Get Enge?

  • The characters are interesting – particularly Ambrosia and Morlock – yet miss the depth that would have made them truly memorable ....

    Blood of Ambrose @ Joe Mallozzi's Book Club Discussion

  • He absolutely nails Morlock Ambrosius and his Dwarven apprentice Wyrtheorn, and does a wonderful job of allowing the young king Lathmar to actually age and mature across the 14 hours plus of the audiobook (that was really impressive).

    Ears to Hear: Blood of Ambrose, the Audiobook

  • The book is a stand-alone adventure, but Morlock returns in the (already-delivered) follow-up, This Crooked Way, and we've just signed for a third Morlock novel, the wonderfully-titled The Wolf Age.

    Free Fiction: "A Book of Silences" by James Enge


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