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  • adj. Of or relating to Muhammad.
  • adj. Offensive Of or relating to Islam; Muslim.
  • n. Offensive A Muslim.

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  • adj. Of or relating to Muhammad
  • adj. Islamic

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Mohammedan.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. etc. See Mohammedan, etc.

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  • n. a follower of Mohammed
  • adj. of or relating to the Arabian prophet Muhammad or to the religion he founded


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  • First of all, the title Muhammadan is given to Muslims by some organizations to willfully distort the name Muslim given by Allah (Allah is the preferred name of God), the Almighty, the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

    The Jakarta Post Breaking News

  • Tinkhon kahen Dhunak Pathan, or 'Half a Hindu and half a Muhammadan, that is he who is a Dhunak

    The Tribes and Castes of the Central Provinces of India Volume II

  • Abd al-Rahman mentions a second group of Shikarpuris in another letter to his colonial sponsors about the redistribution of this single month's subsidy: "I now beg to ask you to kindly pay Rs. 30,450.4 to twenty five merchants of Shikarpur, of whom twenty four are Hindus and one a Muhammadan."

    Connecting Histories in Afghanistan: Market Relations and State Formation on a Colonial Frontier

  • They are neither Hindu, nor Muhammadan, but are older by a thousand ages than either foolishness!

    In The Time Of Light

  • He was a Rangar, -- which is to say a Rajput who, or whose ancestors had turned Muhammadan.

    In The Time Of Light

  • Muhammadan tradition, which with rare exceptions is uniformly hostile to the Umayyad dynasty, regards Hussain ﮫﻨﻋﻰﻠﺎﻌﺘﷲﺍﻰﻀﺮ as a martyr and Yazid as his murderer.

    Archive 2009-07-01

  • It is just like a Muhammadan to take a man's money and then vote the wrong way.

    Nicholas von Hoffman: Surprise, Surprise!

  • Kiwi's probably figured it out for himself after a similar 30 seconds 'consideration, but poor little Derek is getting "Muslim" mixed up with "Muhammadan", which Muslims indeed don't really care for.

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • To this day the novice offers niaz offerings to the memory of Joseph when he begins to learn the art and all persons engaged in the industry offer niazto his memory on the last Wednesday of the Muhammadan year.

    A Monograph on the Wire and Tinsel Industry in Bengal

  • A substantial number of maladies like inferiority complex, emotionally reactive behavior, lack of responsibility, lack of interest in education, etc. stem from such educational setups, which despite its fame of excellence portrays a Darwinic image of “the survival of the fittest” instead of the Muhammadan image of “the emancipation of the weakest”.

    Archive 2007-11-01


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