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  • noun astronomy Genitive form of Musca used when naming stars, such as α Muscae.


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  • One specific type of floater is either called Muscae volitantes (from the Latin, meaning ‘flying flies’), or mouches volantes (from the French), and consist of small spots.

    No, You Can’t See Ghosts, Air, Or Molecules | YepYep - Your Daily Waste Of Time

  • Mures, Muscae, culices prae se, nits and flies compared to his inexorable and supercilious, eminent and arrogant worship: though indeed they be far before him.

    Anatomy of Melancholy

  • But no, all the flora on 1212 Muscae, from the simplest to the most complex, were apparently a little on the hyperactive side—walking trees, for pity's sake, whose good idea was that?

    Doctor’s Orders

  • At best, one or more of these species will join us, and after completing the agreement between the Federation and the people of 1212 Muscae, the rest of the mission will degenerate into rubber-chicken banquets.

    Doctor’s Orders

  • Personnel who had been assigned on priority to Linguistics duty—or, alternately, to looking for me—have returned to the business of scientific research into the extremely strange evolutionary patterns and history of 1212 Muscae IV.

    Doctor’s Orders

  • He picked up an ‘abetter’ organism on a survey to 1212 Muscae IV: the alien mycete chummed up with a more normal fungus, something a lot of us carry in us routinely, and the two potentiated one another and infected his fingernails badly.

    Dark Mirror

  • "The planet's name," Mr. Chekov said, "is 1212 Muscae IV: the fourth body out from 1212 Mus, an orange type-F8 star with no spectrographic or historical anomalies worth mentioning.

    Doctor’s Orders


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