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  • noun Any of an indigenous people of the southeastern United States, also called Creek, many of whom were relocated to Oklahoma in the 1830s.
  • proper noun the Muskogean language spoken by the Muscogee
  • proper noun a ghost town in Florida
  • proper noun a county in the U.S. state of Georgia


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  • In 1831, the collective Indian tribes known as The Five Civilized Tribes (Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Muscogee-Creek, and Seminole) were living as an autonomous nation in the American South.

    Sins of Our Fathers: Five U.S. Atrocities | myFiveBest

  • Nevertheless, the fact that counties like Muscogee (Fort Benning, GA) and Cumberland (Fort Bragg, NC) -- which are much more homogeneous -- both shifted to Obama and elected Obama is quite telling.

    Brandon Friedman: Election Data: Military Communities Shift Democratic in 2008

  • The Plot: Jenna (a modern girl of Muscogee (Creek) and Ojibway (Chippewa/Anishinabe) descent) wishes she could be a jingle dancer like her grandmother.

    Jingle Dancer

  • The Koasati seem to have included the ancient Alibamu of central Alabama, while the Hitchiti, on lower Chattahoochee river, appear to have been the remnant of the ancient people of southeast Georgia, and claimed to be of more ancient occupancy than the Muscogee. MUSKOGEAN AND LAMB'S-QUARTERS.

  • It's just east and south of Muscogee where this happened.

    CNN Transcript May 26, 2002

  • From what I understand from the emergency medical services here in Muscogee, they've dispatched all the ambulances to the scene.

    CNN Transcript May 26, 2002

  • All we know is that they've dispatched all the EMS units from Muscogee to the scene in order to accommodate for a number of injuries.

    CNN Transcript May 26, 2002

  • Then, in June, 1883, while I was at Muscogee, I got a telegram from 'Cap' White asking me to report at once to him at Red Oak.

    Young Henry and the Old Man

  • The Creek had heard that question before, from scandalized missionaries and perplexed registry clerks when he went to Muscogee to enroll himself and his family in one of the many "final" records ordered to be made by the Government preparatory to dividing the Creek lands among the individual citizens.

    The Problem of Old Harjo

  • I was at Muscogee, I got a telegram from 'Cap' White asking me to report at once to him at Red Oak.

    Young Henry and the Old Man


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