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  • adj. Alternative spelling of Mutt and Jeff.


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  • Together they make a singular Mutt-and-Jeff act, with Mr. Menjou's avuncular and cool Broulard outranking—and ultimately outflanking—Mr. Macready's Mireau, an amoral martinet who cares for nothing but his own advancement.

    A Great Film's Sadly Timeless Message

  • I suppose they initially took form, in the primordial soup of the first hours of the book's composition, as a vague, Mutt-and-Jeff pair, a big guy and a little guy, a Quixote and a Sancho ... and then rapidly began to coalesce.

    Michael Chabon discusses his life-long interest in comic books which inspired him to write The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay

  • The Head And The Heart really do know how to throw a crowded house party, though, led by the Mutt-and-Jeff duo of Jonathan Russell (the lanky, clean-shaven one) and Josiah Johnson (the shorter, bearded one).

    Michael Bialas: Show and Tell: The Head and the Heart, Priscilla Ahn Live in Denver

  • In the Astérix series (tales of a Mutt-and-Jeff pair of winged-helmeted first-century Gauls, serialized in Pilote), the characters' names were always elaborate puns that turned on their suffixes, -ix for the Gauls and -us for the enemy Romans (to pick two that don't require lengthy glosses, one of the former was Madamboevarix, one of the latter Volfgangamadéus). PATAPOUFS! ANTHROPOPHAGES!

  • In this mother-daughter grifter comedy, Sigourney Weaver's and Jennifer Love Hewitt's highly visible breasts (the only physical gene shared by this Mutt-and-Jeff couple) threaten to topple not only their possessors, but the deftly constructed farcical dance in which they star.

    Our Best Feature Forward?

  • As Beck watched a pair of Mutt-and-Jeff security guards escort the last group, a posse of Norwegian college students in backpacks, through the glass doors into the gift shop, he wondered if he should do something to interfere with their escape.

    The Sinister Six Combo

  • But in the process Corboy had unwittingly made possible a very effective Mutt-and-Jeff strategy by the other side.

    Chicago Reader

  • Starting from West End, the Mutt-and-Jeff houses at 274 and 276 got their differing gables, arches, stained glass, oriels and arches from Edward Angell, who designed them in 1896.

    NYT > Home Page

  • The film focuses on Varg Vikernes and Gylve Nagell, a Mutt-and-Jeff pairing better known by their black-metal stage names, Count Grishnackh and Fenriz.

    Denver Post: News: Breaking: Local

  • At first glance, they suggest a Mutt-and-Jeff combination: A 60-year-old, globe-trotting Estonian music director, who happens to be a ham; and the 75-year-old rough-and-tumble Jewish businessman from Detroit, who took over a small, struggling glass company in the 1950s and built it into one of the largest glass manufacturers in the world, and who dislikes the spotlight. - RSS


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