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  • Myron Fifth century B.C. Greek sculptor whose works include the Discus Thrower.


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  • Myron is a sports agent, and here a former girlfriend gets in touch out of the blue (i.e. we have probably not heard mention of her in previous titles).

    Sunday Salon: Spring books

  • But Myron is determined to help keep his friends 'children safe, and so he makes two neighborhood girls promise him: If they are ever in a bind but are afraid to call their parents, they must call him.

    Promise Me by Harlan Coben: Book summary

  • Before she can tell him much more than the bare fact that her ex-husband Rick, an investigative journalist, has been murdered, Myron is on the run from an assortment of French police, Mossad agents and Arab terrorists.

    Long Lost, by Harlan Coben

  • In a classic Coben hook, Myron is contacted at the start of the book by his ex-lover Terese Collins, whom he has not seen for some years since running away with her to a tropical island and then splitting, begging him to come to Paris to meet her.

    Long Lost, by Harlan Coben

  • As Myron is fond of observing, "Sometimes the early bird gets the worm ... and sometimes, it gets frozen."

    Robert C. Merton - Autobiography

  • The only thing we realize once again, Myron, is that you are a colossal asshole.

    A look back at the 26th

  • Five minutes after his mother had gone back to bed, Christian Steele called Myron on his private line, the one that rang softly in the basement so as not to wake up his parents, both of whom slept so lightly, Myron was sure they'd been some kind of ghetto lookouts in a previous life.

    Deal Breaker

  • Why would you keep saddling kids with a tag like Myron?

    206 BONES

  • "And greetings, too," called Myron, "to our friends and brothers, the noble people of Ar!"

    Magicians of Gor

  • "Peace, friendship, joy and love," called Myron, "to our brothers in Ar!"

    Magicians of Gor


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