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  • An ancient region of northwest Asia Minor. It passed successively to Lydia, Persia, Macedon, Syria, Pergamum, and Rome.

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  • proper n. a region in the northwest of ancient Asia Minor


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From Latin Mysia, from Ancient Greek Μυσία.


  • Then there are Anatolian regions beyond the Troad, namely Mysia and Phrygia due east; Paphlagonia on the Black Sea; Maeonia to the south, in the Hermus River valley; Caria, farther south, in the Maeander River valley; and Lycia, in the southwestern corner of Anatolia.

    The Trojan War

  • Instead of landing at Troy they ended up about seventy-five miles to the south on the Aegean coast of the region known as Mysia.

    The Trojan War

  • Pontus and Bithynia [73] -- a vast tract of Asia Minor, lying along the shores of the Black Sea and the Propontis; and including the province anciently called Mysia, in which were situated Pergamos and Thyatira, and in the immediate vicinity of Sardis and Philadelphia.

    Fables of Infidelity and Facts of Faith Being an Examination of the Evidences of Infidelity

  • (approaching), a seaport of the Roman province of Asia in the district anciently called Mysia, on the northern shore of the

    Smith's Bible Dictionary

  • When they had come opposite Mysia, they attempted to go into Bithynia, but the Spirit of Jesus did not allow them.

    God's Mission and Ours in the 21st century

  • B.C. 491, whereupon he fled to King Darius, and settled in south-western Mysia.


  • Ceramon-agora, a populous city, the last on the confines of Mysia.


  • Cytonium, a place between Mysia and Lydia; and Hug, who reads


  • Mount Ida, arrived at Antandrus, and then pushed along the seaboard of Mysia to the plain of Thebe153.


  • The latter conducted them a stage further, to Cius in Mysia; and from Cius they set sail to join their main armament.



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