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  • n. near-death experience


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  • If it is, I think it is easy to distinguish it from what you call NDE which actually attempts to explain something without a bunch of hand waving.

    Dembski, secret handshakes and Darwinian theory - The Panda's Thumb

  • Because the precam rabbnits has to do with the history of life and the NDE is about the process of how they came to be.

    The Memory Hole

  • For the next twenty-eight minutes, Brinkley has what is known as an NDE—“near-death experience”—which includes, he later says, a review of his entire life, a meeting with a celestial being, and 117 visions of events that would supposedly happen before 2004.


  • I think of evolutionary biologist Allen MacNeill arguing that recent developments in such fields as paleontology lead us to conclude that NDE is mistaken.

    Again, there is absolutely no teleology involved

  • You're not even interested in NDE or OBE research.

    Backing Into an Evidentiary Standard for ID

  • If no mutation by mutation path from allele A to allele B can be found that would support a viable organism, then NDE is incomplete.

    Demarcation as Politics

  • My opinion that NDE is useful is irrelevant to the discussion.

    The Memory Hole

  • Generic NDE is a category containing real theories with real predictions.

    The Memory Hole

  • NDE is also just a category of theories, but it's not an empty category.

    The Memory Hole

  • I assumed when you referred to the "alleged majority of biologists" that you were referring to the "alleged majority of biologists who believe that NDE is a better explanation for biodiversity than ID."

    The Memory Hole


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