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  • n. Plural form of NEO.


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  • Without a Lunar near-term goal that politicians can 'enjoy' while they're still in office, the chances of a long-term goal like Mars or NEOs is about zero.

    A Shift in Policy? Moon Base Axed? - NASA Watch

  • However SiL tracks 24% of the population, who they call NEOs, are more resilient, spend more and rank higher on consumer confidence. Home Page

  • Funded by NASA and the U.S. Air Force, the Linear project was created in 1998 to search for so-called NEOs, or near-Earth objects, that might pose a threat to life if they were to collide with the planet.

    Swing and a Miss for Asteroid

  • "The NEOs are going to be spoken for very quickly," said Mr. Courpron, while expressing his support for the Boeing 737-800 jets, which are due to start arriving from 2012 and run through 2016.

    AIG Lease Unit Resumes Aircraft Orders in a Big Way

  • Experts believe that over the next 15 years, advances in technology will lead to the detection of more than 500,000 NEOs -- and of those, several dozen will likely pose an uncomfortably high risk of striking Earth and inflicting local or regional damage.

    Asteroid Threat Conference Underway - NASA Watch

  • If there are so many NEOs out there, does this mean that the Earth hasn't cleared it's orbital neighbourhood and that surely means that Planet Earth is officially no longer a planet ...

    Asteroid Threat Conference Underway - NASA Watch

  • Future generation EELV versions, whose payload capacity goes higher than 50t, would be developed to serve as both dual-manifest C/CaLVs and pure CaLVs for missions to the Moon and NEOs.

    How Best to Access the ISS-and LEO? - NASA Watch

  • The 4th generation stations should then be located spirally: LLO; L1 "Nearside"; L2 "Farside"; ESL2 "Nightside"; ... by which time the ECLSS hardware will be robust enough for moble stations (deep space vessels) that visit NEOs and become an outpost on Phobos.

    Russia Sees Future for its ISS Modules Beyond 2020 - NASA Watch

  • Missions to increasingly remote NEOs, possibly ending with a manned flight to Phobos (obvious, a "remote" possibility).

    Dear Mr. Augustine - NASA Watch

  • Otherwise look to GEO, Earth-Moon Lagrange points, Mars/Phobos, NEOs and Ceres for those resources.

    Why Space? Why Now? - NASA Watch


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