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  • abbreviation National Liberation Front


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  • Today anyone who can click a mouse can learn that the NLF was the NVA and the NVA were cold-blooded killers, but this knowledge was controversial and hard-to-obtain at the time.

    There has never been a successful right-wing insurgency « Isegoria

  • He opposes the war, but he does not believe the North or the NLF were the good guys.

    Theres so much you have to know

  • The NLF is the last of seven rebel groups from the Hutu majority not to have signed a peace deal with the government.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • Nor did it repeatedly escalate this war because it found that the NLF was a puppet of the North (or of China or of Moscow).

    A Special Supplement: Vietnam: How Government Became Wolves

  • [22] One of the vice-presidents of the NLF is a Buddhist monk of the Cambodian minority, who joined the NLF after a destructive Saigon Army sweep through his province in 1961.

    A Special Supplement: Cambodia

  • They called the NLF the Viet Cong short for Vietnam Communists.

    CNN Transcript Jan 18, 2007

  • Even government experts freely admit that the NLF is the only "truly mass-based political party in South Vietnam" [22]; that the NLF had "made a conscious and massive effort to extend political participation, even if it was manipulated, on the local level so as to involve the people in a self-contained, self-supporting revolution" (p. 374); and that this effort had been so successful that no political groups, "with the possible exception of the Buddhists, thought themselves equal in size and power to risk entering into a coalition, fearing that if they did the whale would swallow the minnow" (p. 362).

    A Special Supplement: The Responsibility of Intellectuals

  • Similarly, the Council of Vietnamese Studies of SEADAG (the Southeast Asia Development Advisory Group) in its meetings of May 3, 1969, struggles with the fact that the NLF is the "best organized political group," the "strongest political group in South Vietnam." [

    A Special Supplement: Cambodia

  • The Viet Cong, also called the National Liberation Front NLF, sought to foment revolution in the South, overthrow the Saigon regime, unify the country under a Communist government, and, when the United States entered the war, expel U.S. forces from Vietnam.

    Between War and Peace

  • From 1956 to 1958, Diem aggressively pursued the NLF and nearly defeated them.

    Between War and Peace


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